Pinky The Plinko Chip

My name is Pinky The Plinko Chip from The Price is Right. I used to dream about taking over the world, but reincarnation foiled those plans and reduced me to the size of a coffee coaster. The constant bang bang makes my head go boom boom.  Oh the headaches! Those are the worst. If not the for the Advil I buy from the Grocery Game, I’d be through. This is me and my posse in action.

I’ve never been so happy to leave someone’s hand. David was sweet but a little sweaty. I was the last chip to go. I thought about giving him another $10 000, but too much money can change a man for the worse. We’ve all seen those stories right? The lottery winners who’ve lost it all. But I think David will be okay.

Here’s to David the happy human.

-Good Day/ Good Evening / Goodnight MR

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