A Completely Nonsensical Post

The photo above is a placeholder picture. It just takes up space. Like nonsensical writing to fluff up some homework you’ve copied from your favourite friend. I know. I should have said best friend, but I absolutely adore alliteration.

Although, puns are pretty perfect. I would go on a pun laced tear, but I don’t want to make you tear up. Hold on, that’s not a pun. You’re right, that’s a homograph. My favourite graph next to the bar graph. Or the pie graph. Mmmmmmm. Pie.

Do you like pie? I am adamant in my adoration for an axcellent apple pie. Gimme some of granny’s apples, a crisp crust, and a soft scoop of vanilla ice cream. Who doesn’t love vanilla ice cream? I know it’s not pistachio, liquorice, or Dunkaroo Delight, but it’s still pretty good.

Dunkaroos ice cream, there’s an idea.

-Good Day/ Good Evening / Goodnight MR


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