Extraordinary Ordinary Me

This is me. Matthew. White shirt, blue shorts, 6’2, and 171 pounds. I’m basically the stick bug from A Bug’s Life, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  I haven’t been alive for long (approximately 25 years), but life has been pretty crazy.

Fun fact? I nearly became the youngest PA Announcer in NHL history. Yeah, I know. It’s kind of a crazy story. I was in Croatia for a wedding and I got an email from the Toronto Maple Leafs. I hadn’t even applied for the role. One plane ticket purchase and 5 days later I’m back home auditioning for a job I’ve dreamed of since the age of 16.

I didn’t get the gig, but who knows what the future holds.

Other than that- I’ve backpacked through Europe 4 times all by myself. I’ve basically been everywhere west of Croatia- flipping coins to determine destinations, crashing on couches, and even mingling with the odd C-List celebrity.

Professionally, I’ve worked in radio, advertising, university recruitment and now technology… and now blogging I guess. Why am I writing? I used to script entire radio shows and although it sometimes got tiring, I really enjoyed it. I wanted to write again so here I am for my own amusement more than anything.

Some people write for audience, but I want to write like no one’s reading. But if you are, I do appreciate it and hope you enjoy my musings 🙂

-Good Day/ Good Evening / Goodnight MR

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